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Centurion Refractories

unique refractory solutions

EAF Precast Blocks

Kiln Cars

Launder Sections/Tap Blocks

Castable Ladle

Brick Ladle

Reheat Precast Walls

EAF Roof

Ladle Brick Work

EAF MGO Gunning

What we do

Unique Specialize in Furnace and  Installations/Ladles/Roofs/Heaters/Boilers

Precast blocks/Form work in Furnaces/Aluminium Furnace/6 in Line Kilns/Driers/Reheat Furnaces/Cremation Furnaces/Cement Kilns/Pulp&Paper/Non&Ferous Metals/Ferro Chrome Industry/Glass Industry/Sugar Industry

Petrochemical Boilers

Centurion Refractories ( Material Manufacturer )

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